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Medieval Market
A great variety of Arts and Crafts available, all realized in suggestive wooden structures, using recreated and handmade working tools:
- innkeeper and bottlers: a special occasion to taste different varieties of handmade cakes from Italian medieval recipes savoring medieval drinks and liquors, such as hydromel and spiced wines
- oil producer, grocer, cook, grain merchant, greengrocer, butcher.
- blacksmith, carpenter, candlemaker, papermaker, firemaker, armorer.
- draper/clothier, tailor, medieval tablet weaver, leatherworker, silk art: silk thread extraction from
silkworm cocoons, wool art: creation of woolen yarns, dyers of woolen, cotton, linen and silk clothes.
- painter, sculptor, goldsmith/jeweler, potter, decorator of ceramics, stone and stained-glass mosaic maker, miniaturist, scribe.
- cartographer, astronomer, navigator,
-mathematician, notary, architect, bricklayer, herbalist and apothecarist, physician and surgeon, minstrel with medieval musical instruments.

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