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The Sestiere Castellare, is an association of social and cultural (L. 383/2000) of re-enactment and historical reconstruction with the aim of recreating the historical reality, in Tuscany, in the Middle Ages, with special attention to the period since 1250 to 1350. The Association was founded on 11 December 1997 by a group of young people who have tried to place it in a historical context: for this reason, accurate studies have been performed at the State Archives of Florence and Lucca, the Libraries of Lucca, Pescia and Altopascio. From these it was possible to trace the existence of a community independent of the Community of Pescia at least until 1331, when the Sestiere of Castellare refers.
The Sestiere Castellare promotes cultural, recreational and folklore, with particular attention to the teaching, following the model of "living history." the main focus of activities aims at reconstruction of clothes taken over by manuscripts, paintings, miniatures and frescoes, located first of all in the cities of Tuscany and made according to fourteenth century tailoring techniques.
With the same method of research, have been reconstructed complement of all accessories to clothing, each of whom expressed, not only a specific functionality, but also its own symbolism.
Another main objective of the Association is the reenactment of the daily life, from the civil to the military one, and the study of various arts and crafts which have characterized the lifestyle of medieval man.
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